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Yoghurt and Cream


Our dairy produce is from

  • Camphill Village, West Coast. Camphill has been farming with a biodynamic approach for more than 30 years. The permaculture approach has also been used in a more general application to living on the land. Thus Camphill Village products have a reputation for quality and being produced using ecologically sound methods.
  • The Dairy's all natural milk comes from Fleckvieh cows that feed off pastures that are free from GMO and artificial fertilizers . The farm's water supply comes directly from the nearby mountains in Swellendam.
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Double Thick Greek Yoghurt - 5...

500ml Full cream double thick greek yoghurt.
The milk for this yoghurt comes from Kate & Fiona, the two free roaming cows on White Mountain farm.

Price Per Item:

R 45,00

Gay's Guernsey Yoghurt 1 Litre...

Gay's Guernsey Dairy
1 Litre Plain Bulgarian Style Yoghurt

Price Per Item:

R 49,00

Yoghurt - Goat 150ml

150ml tub Alpi Plain Low Fat
Perfect for office or kids lunchboxes

Price Per Item:

R 25,00