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Weber Grill Chicken - Recipe

Fool proof Weber grilled chicken
Super easy, outdoor cooking at it's best. No fuss, as you can do your veg at the same time.
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1 x whole chiken 

Veggies of your choice like onions, carrots, potato, sweet potato, fennel etc


Fire up your Weber using the indirect method (Briquettes on the outside and not in the centre)

Chicken can be whole or spatchcocked. (Spatchcocked does cook a little quicker) 

If your chicken is whole you can insert two orange or lemon halves into the cavity. Season your chicken well on the outside with spices of your choice and place in a foil roasting pan.(This way you get to save the cooking juices for later)

Put your chosen veggies in the pan with the chicken. Potatoes are best done directly on the weber grid (not above the coals).

When the coals are ready, place the chicken in the centre of the grid and put the lid on the Weber.

NB: Ensure that all Weber vents are fully open. (top and bottom)

After about an hour, you can check how things are looking, your potatoes and onions should be close to ready (We also like to squeeze a bit of lemon juice over the chicken skin).

Replace the lid and cook for another 15 - 30 min, especialy if your chicken is whole or quite large.

When cooked to your satisfaction, remove from heat and cover loosely with foil and allow to stand for 10-15 min before cutting.

You can use the saved juices from the pan to make a rich gravy.


Recipe tried and tested many times by Wild admin.





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