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Soups, Broth & Stock

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Auga Tomato Soup

400g Sachet
This creamy tomato soup is made from select organic tomatoes, seasoned with various spices and a hint of sea salt.

Price Per Item:

R 49,00
R 42,00

Butternut Soup - Frozen

500ml Sachet - Smooth, Low Salt
Frozen - Serves 2

Price Per Item:

R 45,00

Chicken Broth - 500ml

500ml frozen pouch
Made with pasture raised chicken and organic vegetables. Low salt

Price Per Item:

R 50,00

Bone Broth - 1l sachet

Farmer Angus Bone Broth.

Price Per Item:

R 94,00

Vegetable Stock/Broth

500ml Sachet Frozen
Low salt / No preservatives

Price Per Item:

R 39,00