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Soups, Broth & Stock

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Chicken Noodle Soup

Traditional chicken noodle soup
Loads of chicken and veg in this hearty healthy soup, with home ade chicken stock and spaghetti..

Price Per Item:

R 80,00

Tomato Soup - Frozen

400ml- Heat & Eat

Price Per Item:

R 59,00

Minestrone Soup

500ml tub Frozen
Classical vegan minestrone soup, packed with seasonal veg, beans and herbs with gluten free pasta
Frozen - Serves 2

Price Per Item:

R 89,00

Moroccan Harira

500ml Sachet - Frozen
A hearty and warming rendition of a North African classic. Hearty vegetable soup with chickpeas, lentils and sweet spices. (vegan)

Price Per Item:

R 129,00

Thai Coconut Red Lentil Soup

500ml Sachet - Frozen
Delicious, nourishing and wholesome. I love the kiss of Thai flavours mixed with organic coconut milk and finished off with lots of greens. Lovely soup that doubles up as a meal when you add noodles. (vegan)

Price Per Item:

R 145,00

Vegetable Minestrone Soup

500ml Sachet - Frozen
Traditional Italian Minestrone incorporating lots of seasonal organic vegetables, in a homemade stock, organic tomatoes, beans and fresh herbs.
Suitable for Vegans

Price Per Item:

R 105,00

Vegetarian Lasagne

900g foil dish
Layers of creamy bechamel, mild mozzarella and gouda with slow cooked green lentil, mushroom and roast veg bolognaise Frozen - Serves 2
Non Vegan

Price Per Item:

R 150,00

Chicken Broth - Frozen

500g frozen pouch
Made with free range chicken and organic vegetables

Price Per Item:

R 55,00

Bone Broth - 475ml

475ml frozen tub
Farmer Angus Bone Broth.

Price Per Item:

R 59,00

Beef Stock Concentrate - 500g

500ml tub or sachet
Slow extracted 16hr concentrated beef stock full of goodness and umami. Low salt / No preservatives

Price Per Item:

R 60,00

Vegetable Stock 100% Organic

500ml Sachet Frozen
Low salt / No preservatives

Price Per Item:

R 45,00