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Sustainable seafood from Cape Fish

Seafood products are available for home deliveries only.

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Calamari - 500g

500g - Frozen
Patagonica cleaned tubes 70% and tentacles 30%

Price Per Item:

R 199.00

Hake - 280g portion

280g - frozen hake portion
Local caught hake

Price Per Item:

R 65.00

Kingklip - 280g portion

280g - frozen kingklip portion
Local caught kingklip

Price Per Item:

R 106.00

Prawns - Argentine King 700g

700g - Frozen large Argentine King prawns
size count 13/15

Price Per Item:

R 290.00

Tuna - 280g portion

280g - frozen tuna portion
Local Yellowfin tuna

Price Per Item:

R 105.00