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Pasta Sauces

Just heat the sauce and add it to your favorite pasta for a quick, healthy meal.

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Alfredo Pasta Sauce

500ml - Creamy bacon and mushroom pasta sauce with a hint of thyme and garlic - a perfect quick meal, just add to your favorite pasta.
Frozen - Serves 2-4

Price Per Item:

R 85,00

Mediterranean Tomato Sauce

Mediterranean style tomato sauce from Sandveld Organics.
No Preservatives.

Price Per Item:

R 85,00

Pasta Sauce - Basil

350g Glasss Jar
Tomato and Basil Pasta sauce. Ready to use, just add pasta.

Price Per Item:

R 105,00
R 95,00

Grilled Pepper Sauce - Mr Orga...

190g Glass Bottle
Quick and ready to spoon up, Mr Organic's Grilled Pepper Stir-In Sauce is perfect to use as a pesto, sauce, spread, tapenade - and everything in between.

Price Per Item:

R 82,00

Passata - Mr Organic

690g Glass Bottle
Sun ripened organic tomatoes from Italy make this delicious passata. Pureed and roughly sieved, it’s a rich, thick, delicious sauce. A traditional Italian store-cupboard essential, use as a base for rustic sauces, pizza, soups and stews.

Price Per Item:

R 59,00