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Oil & Vinegar

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Olive Marmalade - Blue Sky 50...

250ml Organic Olive Marmalade from Blue Sky Organics in the Klein Karoo

Price Per Item:

R 59.00

Olive Oil - Blue Sky 500ml

500ml Organic Olive Oil.
Hand picked and cold pressed in the Klein Karoo
Extra Virgin

Price Per Item:

R 159.00

Olive Oil 1 Litre - The Old Vi...

• 1 litre bottles
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Price Per Item:

R 250.00

Red Shiraz Vinegar

A boutique, small batch organic vinegar made by Botanical Taste in Tulbach.

Price Per Item:

R 89.00

Soya Sauce- Clearspring Shoyu

150ml Organic Soya sauce aged in cedar kegs.

Price Per Item:

R 110.00

Vanilla Extract - 50ml

50ml Pure vanilla extract.
Don't fake it when you bake it!
Use it for adding exotic flavour to your baking, yoghurt, smoothies, coffee and tea.

Price Per Item:

R 125.00