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Pasture-reared, grass fed Jersey herds.

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Jersey Milk - Camphill 1L

• 1 litre lightly pasteurised milk in a recyclable plastic bottle from Camphill dairy

Price Per Item:

R 32,00

Price Per Item:

R 29,00

Kefir - 1litre

1 litre natural kefir A2 milk

Price Per Item:

R 62,00

Kefir - 300ml

300ml natural raw kefir

Price Per Item:

R 28,00

Milk - 1Litre White Mountain M...

1 L full cream.
Our white mountain milk will be pasteurised until further notice.

Price Per Item:

R 30,00

Rude Health - Almond Drink

Oraganic - Creamy crushed almonds drink.

Price Per Item:

R 75,00

Rude Health - Oat Drink

Organic - Get all the goodness of gluten free oats the easy way.

Price Per Item:

R 69,00

Rude Health - Soya Drink

Organic - Straight up Soya. Less is moreish with this Soya Drink. It’s got water, sustainably sourced, organic soya beans, organic rice syrup, and sea salt. That’s it.

Price Per Item:

R 61,00