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Lamb Riblettes - 500g

Perfect for oven baking or as a braai snack. Click Pic for cooking method.
Price Per Item:
R 80,00

Lamb Ribbetjies, great with marinade and slow braaied or oven baked.

(The trick here is to slowly render out the fat without burning the riblets).



Marinade in the fridge overnight in your favorite sauce.


Place in roasting pan and cover with foil. Bake for 45 - 60 min @ 180deg C

Remove foil and pour off the fat. Bake for another 20min until brown and crispy 


Braai slowly over low heat (high grid height) for 1hr until brown and crispy.


Bake in the weber kettle using indirect heat for 1 hr until brown and crispy

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