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Household Products

There are so many products out there that are made from cheap and harmful chemicals and even though they clean efficiently, they are harsh on the skin and bad for the environment. So much so that it is easy to feel guilty about using them.
Better Earth provides cleaning products that are gentle on the environment (and your hands) but also high quality cleaning agents. All of our products are as effective as other cleaning products but provide peace of mind to the eco-conscious user.

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Air Freshener - Better Earth

250 ml
A subtle Grapefruit scented air freshener that contains no harmful aerosols.

Price Per Item:

R 52,00

Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner - Be...

1 litre
This gel will leave your bathroom and toilet spotlessly clean.
Use on your sinks, bath, toilet and shower.
You can also use this product as a general cleaning gel on surfaces in your kitchen.

Price Per Item:

R 88,00

Body Wash - Better Earth

250 ml
An effective skin cleanser that is gentle on your skin and our earth. Containing no harmful ingredients, this natural body wash is the safe option in helping create a Better Earth.

Price Per Item:

R 57,00

Cleaning Spray - Better Earth

500 ml
This fragrant cleaning spray will leave surfaces fresh and clean. This can be used on kitchen counters, walls, stove tops and glass surfaces.

Price Per Item:

R 75,00

Conditioning Laundry Gel - Bet...

1 litre
Laundry gel suitable for automatic washing machines.
There is no need to add fabric softener as this gel contains a fabric conditioner that is safe for all fabrics.

Price Per Item:

R 120,00

Dishwashing Liquid - Better Ea...

1 litre
This dish washing liquid cleans your dishes perfectly. It is easy on your hands and the environment but tough on grease.
Use the same amount in your dishes as you would other leading brand dish washing liquids.

Price Per Item:

R 85,00

Dishwashing Machine Gel - Bett...

Dishwash gel suitable for machines.

Price Per Item:

R 82,00

Fabric Face Masks with Filters

Washable/reusable cupped ear loop mask with a sleeve filter material. (3 X filters included with Mask).
Filter spec: traps a 5 micron particle
Colour: Beige

Price Per Item:

R 69,00

Filters - 5 x Face Mask Filter...

Pack of 5 replacement filters for face mask.
Filter spec: traps a 5 micron particle @ 30m/sec

Price Per Item:

R 45,00

Hand Sanitiser - Better Earth

250 ml - Pump or flip cap top depending on bottle availability.
An effective hand sanitiser which helps protect against germs.
Contains 60 % Alcohol

Price Per Item:

R 98,00

Tile Floor Cleaner - Better Ea...

1 litre
• Gently cleans and shines your floors. The citrus aromas freshen your home and give your floors a streak free finish. • Use 20-30ml per 5ltr warm water. No need to rinse floor afterwards • Can use on all tiled, terracotta or screeded floors

Price Per Item:

R 88,00

Toilet Tamer - Better Earth 25...

250 ml Spray bottle
"if it's yellow let it mellow" Spray 3-4 times onto the water in the toilet bowl to avoid odours.
Can also be used as an air freshener.

Price Per Item:

R 120,00

Pot Scrubber Large

Made from coconut fibres
Long lasting and biodegradable.

Price Per Item:

R 55,00

Fire Lighters - Green Lite

12 pieces of petroleum free fire lighters

Price Per Item:

R 29,00