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Flatwhite Buckwheat Bread

Sprouted buckwheat, water & salt
Gluten Free & Vegan
Price Per Item:
R 95.00

Ingredients: Sprouted buckwheat, water & salt 

Hannam & Co. bake a totally new type of toasting loaf, made entirely from soaked and fermented seeds. It contains no gluten, no added yeast, dairy or sugars, and no binding or raising agents. It is GMO-free, low GI, and suitable for diabetics, coeliacs and vegans! What's more, it is by far the most delicious gluten-free bread on the market.

The loaves are available in two varieties – Flatwhite toaster, which contains just buckwheat, salt and water, and Five seed toasted, which has added black and white sesame seeds, flax seeds and sunflower seeds.

Keep frozen (up to 3 months) once defrosted keep in the fridge (2 weeks) 

The loaves are pre-sliced for your convenience. Toast until crisp at the edges and enjoy with your favourite topping!

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