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Delicious farm-style butter  -  MystHill Dairy farm, with a small herd of 60  grass/lucerne-fed, antibiotic and hormone free cows  makes this delicious natural farm butter. There are no preservatives used anywhere in this process, so remember to store your butter in your freezer.

At MystHills, the cows are ony milked once a day so they can all rear their own calves ... they drink water from the springs on the farm  so there is no chlorine used at all. 

Visitors to the Garden Route are welcome to visit the farm.

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Butter Mysthill - lightly salt...

500g block farm-style butter, lightly salted.

Price Per Item:

R 95,00
R 89,00

Butter Mysthill - unsalted

500g block farm-style unsalted butter

Price Per Item:

R 95,00
R 89,00