On Friday 11 Nov the Western Cape Farmers PGS visited Foxenburg Estate in Wellington for their annual organic PGS assessment. A large part of Foxenburg Estate is a nature reserve and the farm is a recognized priority biodiversity site in the Cape Floristic region.

The farm is managed using organic principles with environmental preservation and diversity being top of mind. The farm's focus is on goat's milk products and organic olive oil. These goats are fabulously free range and the quality of the chesse and yoghurts bears testimony to this. The annual organic olive oil pressing yields around 4000l and is closely monitored to provide by an extremely high quality product. 

Foxenburg Estate is a wonderful example of sharing farming with nature using natural methods beneficial to both.

These assessments are a wonderful information sharing opportunity and this week we hosted interns from the Sustainability Institute in Stellenbosch. As an active WCFPGS committee member, Wild Organics is committed to working with our organic communities and farmers to provide you with authentic, sustainable produce with no hidden agendas. 

Foxenburg PGS Assessment      PGS Soil Sample