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Bio-Wheat Natural Flours

Stone Ground, Unbleached Natural Flours - Not Organic

BIO-WHEAT™ flour is produced with wheat cultivated by means of biological farming methods. Crop rotation is used to replenish the soil by recycling our wheat crops with legume pastures. After harvesting, more plant matter is left in the soil to break down into natural humus. This reduces the need for chemical fertilizer, and in addition less pesticides are administered.

BIO-WHEAT™ flour is stone ground; a process in which the wheat is ground slowly between the stones without exposing it to excessive heat, thereby retaining the nutritional vitamins, wheatgerm and fibre. In essence, stone ground promises nothing added or removed.

When visiting the Fourie farm, one is reminded of a bygone era where life seemed to pass by slower. This 5th generation family business has made natural wheat production a way of life. Leaving a legacy is what this product is all about.