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Auga Organic Products

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Auga Baked Beans

400g Sachet
These baked beans in low fat tomato sauce are great source of fiber, low sugar, contain no allergens or preservatives and they taste great!

Price Per Item:

R 34,00
R 29,00

Auga Sliced Mushrooms in Brine

250g Sachet
SLICED mushrooms in brine are something special. Just slightly salted, crispy and conveniently sliced they are perfect for cooking, soup, salad or any dressing.

Price Per Item:

R 42,00
R 35,00

Auga Tomato Soup

400g Sachet
This creamy tomato soup is made from select organic tomatoes, seasoned with various spices and a hint of sea salt.

Price Per Item:

R 49,00
R 42,00