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A2 Milk Products

Our milk is from free range, grass fed cows and is rich in A2 beta casein. A2 is the purest form of milk produced by cows who are loved, nurtured, pasture fed, taken care of and kept in a happy environment.



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Price Per Item:

R 38.00

Farmer's Cheese - A2 Dairy

approx 300g
Artisanal cheese made in the traditional farm style way. Young, medium hard cheese

Price Per Item:

R 125.00

Feta Cheese - A2 Dairy

250g Smooth and creamy

Price Per Item:

R 79.00

Kefir - 1litre

1 litre natural kefir A2 milk

Price Per Item:

R 75.00

Kefir - 500ml

500ml natural raw kefir

Price Per Item:

R 42.00

Milk 1L- A2 milk

• 1 litre - natural A2 "pets" milk

Price Per Item:

R 43.00

Mozzarella A2 - 250g

250g -300g
Hand Made Mozzarella Cheese by A2 dairy company.

Price Per Item:

R 112.00

Natural Yoghurt A2 - 1litre

1 litre natural yoghurt

Price Per Item:

R 72.00

Paneer - 250g

Fresh white cheese common in South Asian dishes.

Price Per Item:

R 79.00

Thick & Creamy Strained Yoghur...

850g greek style yoghurt in a plastic tub
Made the same way as traditional Greek yoghurt (Due to labeling regulations we just can't call it that)

Price Per Item:

R 84.00